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Nefeli Orfanou Negka


My project is an interactive storybook. The target group in focus of this project is children between the age of 7-12. Most of the children have fears that we shouldn’t dismiss. Especially during the nighttime they often don’t even want to fall asleep. So as a result of the above I thought that a relaxation strategy to help the child fight with his phobias and imagine them in a less frightening way could help a lot the situation. The purpose of this story is to help children to sleep and this is the reason why it never ends, like a never ending story.


The atmosphere of the nightmares is colorful and pleasant and the monsters are cute and friendly. Children shouldn’t be afraid to sleep any more, because even the nightmares are less frightening. The plot revolves around a girl who is sleeping and experiences these nightmares. The reason why she is having those nightmares, is that her dreamcatcher has no feathers. The purpose of this interactive story is to help the girl to collect all the feathers she needs, using the control scheme the application uses, and help her escape from her nightmares. Ιn her dreams, little monsters are moving in different fantasy realms. In each one of them, each monster possesses a feather. The first world is an imaginary forest, the second world an imaginary sea bottom and the third world an imaginary outer space. Escaping through the doors inside the building is impossible, instead, the game throws the player back in the nightmare. Once the feathers are found and the dreamcatcher is full of feathers again, the girl can sleep in peace.

I drew everything first by hand and then I illustrated them in digital form in vectors. I used both Adobe Illustrator for the vectors and Adobe Photoshop for the effects. At the end I made my application interactive in Adobe Flash program.


Nefeli Orfanou Negka (Athens, 1994). I’m in the third year of my studies in Technological Institute of Athens which are specialized in the field of Graphic Design. In the meanwhile I’m studying music, more specifically classic guitar theory and practice in an advanced level and also I am part of a contemporary dance group.