Araucanize Yourself

Niccolò Rossi

In the first semester of this year, still in Italy, the most important Laboratory project he made (Laboratorio di Sintesi Finale) was talking about Brand Nation and National Identity. The project was reported to the Mapuche, a population living in the south of chile in Temuco region, called Araucania. The Mapuche has his own symbols, religion, instruments and music, art crafts products and so on. With this elements was created the identity, the communication and the strategy of Araucania for Mapuche population.

Auracanize Yourself is a logo generator coded with Processing. With this app the user can crate his personal logo writing directly with the keyboard of his PC, decide the size, change it and make an other one, export in PDF, always following the important and straight rules referring to Araucania.

Niccolò Rossi (Monza / Milano, 1991). Studying Communication Design in Politecnico di Milano, Erasmus in Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto.