The Fish Who Will Make You Go UUU

Signe Smala

The Fish Who Will Make You Go UUU is a simple 2D game with an audio control element. In it, there’s a fish who’s trying to not get killed, by dodging obstacles in its way (as sharks, evil starfish and etc). It is controlled by the volume of players’ voice. So in order to play you have to lower and raise the volume of your voice, and make the fish rise above or swim below the dangerous objects in its way.

The main tool for this projects’ development was Processing. An important ingredient was the Minim library, which allows you to integrate audio in your work and use it quite flexibly. In the context of this project it was used to get data about sound from mic.


Signe Smala (Iecava, Latvia, 1993). A journalism and media student from Latvia’s Vidzemes University of Applied Sciences. While making this project was an exchange student in Portugal’s University of Porto.