P2 Final Results






A small squadron of lego heads

Smiley Variable Lego Heads. Variáveis, Ciclos e Condições

Today the LSI class was dedicated to Variables, Cycles, and Conditions. You still gave to squeeze a random() very fast at the end. After (re)seeing some of the students’ homework —I have to admit that the results are increasingly more spectacular (a new post soon on this)—, we’ve proceeded to explore the first concepts of… Continue reading A small squadron of lego heads

Robot Company

Finn stormtrooper soldier company

After the first week has passed —I’m curious to see the robots you’ve all made, especially because I’ve seen a “brutal” Robocop today afternoon, after the Typography class!. So, the first results of the code drawings have started arriving and we will see a few tomorrow!

20 Robots for 2020

2020 arrived and started another year of LSI. The first lesson was dedicated to Processing Community Day. A fantastic day, with two workshops (P5 and Max), a penousal machado conference and an Open Talks session. It's been 12 hours super-filled, but very good! But the "vacation" is short-lived. In this first lesson we have already… Continue reading 20 Robots for 2020

Visual programming 101: making robots

In the first LSI class, students were introduced to processing's environment (IDE). That is, after the introduction of some concepts and history about what is a program (algorithm, instructions,…) we move to direct action: what is it; and where the software is obtained; the sketching environment in text mode; console as interface / interaction of… Continue reading Visual programming 101: making robots