One more coin, one more lap… all in the distance, of course!

Second week of containment and isolation. Online classes continue to run with Colibri-Zoom. This one made with slightly higher assistance than last week (but not as popular as typography classes or type design!) During the morning, he gave to (re)see some work in process. In a global way, all students seem to be understanding the… Continue reading One more coin, one more lap… all in the distance, of course!

Distance lessons

With the COVID-19 outbreak spreading, UP implemented the contingency plan. This means the suspension of face-to-face classes and substitution for moments/distance classes. During the morning session (now available online) and during the afternoon too (video coming soon) the exercise and discussion questions were very cool.


Just a very quick article to promote a little reading on what you're doing beyond simple generative art. In this article, the authors review the last few years, (from John Conway, to going through Joshua Davis, Casey Reas, Jared Tarbell, Aaron Koblin, Robert Hodgin, Ben Fry, among many others). And just like the professor. Penousal… Continue reading Readings



Squads, platoons and companies!

Another year, another battalion of robots. They come formatted in squads, or platoons. But what matters is that students have been demonstrating more and more and more capabilities to quickly master Processing! Here's another battalion: